Emson offers precision machined components using sophisticated CNC Machines for Turning, Machining and Grinding operations. Machine shop undergoes constant upgradation by addition of new machines & for new process as per customer requirement. Process controll and monitoring systems ensures reliability of our components.

Forge Shop

  • Die Shop is most modern with CNC Die Sinking Machines, Spark Erosion Machines etc.
  • Our is state of the art plant with composites in-house facilities for Forging, Heat Treatment and Machining.
  • Our Forge Shop has a blend of Pneumatic, Belt Droop Hammer, Trimming and Coining Presses for close die forgings.


Our facilities process a wide variety of component sizes to extracting standards with reliable. repeatable results. We have continuous heat treatment furnaces equipped with temperature controller & SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) which shows the complete temperature and soaking time required for the product on the computer. The computer then processes this data and presents it in a timely manner. SCADA records and logs all events into a file stored on a hard disk or sends them toa printer. SCADA warns when conditions become hazardous by sounding alarms. Our heat treatment operations (Normalizing, Hardening. Tempering. ISO-thermal Annealing) & separate Gas Carburizing facility are managed by some of the best engineers and technicians in the industry. with the experience and expertise to provide vital support and a real understanding of customer requirements.